What each contender needs to become SB champions.

This article will explain the simple factor each team needs to do to become a legit super bowl champion. I will be selecting the best team from each division and explain where they must improve.

  1. AFC East

Clearly, the best team here is the Buffalo Bills. I believe that what they really lack is a strong leader. Luckily as we can see from last season's numbers as well as total team accomplishments, Josh Allen took a huge step forwards this year; I doubt that he's going to regress next year, and if anything, he's my number 1 contender for MVP. Without a doubt, if Allen manages to take this team one step further than last year, which would mean the super bowl, he would be very highly regarded among the league's younger talents.

2. AFC North

Many teams have many potentials in this division, but possibly the complete one is the Baltimore Ravens. SO what do the Ravens need to improve? If you saw the Ravens vs. Bills game, you definitely will agree that their passing offense is definitely a work in progress. They need to up their receiving core, and possibly the best move would have been to get Julio Jones. Now the running game started working really well late last season when a man named JK Dobbins activated the jets.

3. AFC South

For sure, after what happened this morning, the Tennesee Titans are by far the best team in this division;

I believe that the best bet as to where they can improve could be their pass rush. When they went against the Ravens this year, they struggled to stop the run game, which led to Raven's total domination. But for now, their offense is 99% the most powerful offense in the NFL.

4. AFC West

The most simple one of all, the Kansas City Chiefs, wins this division by a mile and a half. The Chiefs really need to build their offensive line to the very best of their ability. We all saw the giant problem that occurred during Super Bowl 55, and that was the Bucs pass rush absolutely overpowering the Chiefs' o line. While it is understandable the Bucs pass rush is amazing but nonetheless, you should never allow that many sacks.