My thoughts on the Julio Jones Trade

This morning the Tennesee Titans acquired Julio Jones. There had been many speculations as to where Julio would go and frankly, I never would have expected for him to go to the Titans,

Atlanta Falcons Give: Julio Jones

Tennessee Titans Give: 2022 2nd Round Pick + 2023 4th Round Pick + 2023 6th Round Pick

Benefits for the Falcons:

  1. They already have a great WR 1 in Calvin Ridley

  2. Julio was getting old and came off a very injury prone season

  3. This is the best price for Julio they'd ever get

  4. There have been rumors that Todd Gurley might go to the Lions

  5. Starting a fresh new offense with young talent is a very good move

Benefits for the Titans

  1. They know have guaranteed the most powerful offense in the NFL

  2. Derrick Henry with a 2,000-yard season

  3. AJ Brown and Julio will become problematic

Titans clearly win this trade by a mile.